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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: When can a customer return a product?

A1: Products can be returned within 7 days from the delivery date. 📅

Q2: How long do they have to decide if they want to return something?

A2: Customers have a generous 7 days from the delivery date to make their decision. ⏰


Q3: How does the money return process work?

A3: The money is returned through the same mode of payment received.

Q4: How many days does it take for customers to get their money back?

A4: You can expect your refund within 3-5 working days. 💸

Shipping Costs:

Q5: Who pays for sending things back, the customer or the company?

A5: The company covers the shipping costs. 🚚

Q6: Any special instructions for customers sending things back?

A6: After a quality check, if the product is intact, a full refund is issued. In case of partial or complete damage, a partial or no payment is given. 🛍️

Product Condition:

Q7: What condition should returned items be in for a refund or exchange?

A7: Items should be returned in an intact condition.

Q8: What happens if a product is damaged or not working?

A8: In the case of damage, a partial refund will be processed. 🔄


Q9: How can customers talk to you about returns or problems with their order?

A9: Customers can communicate through the portal. 🌐

Q10: Will you let them know if there are changes to the return policy?

A10: Yes, any changes will be communicated promptly. 📣

Partial Refunds:

Q11: Are there times when customers get only part of their money back?

A11: Yes, in the case of damages.

Q12: How do you decide how much money to give back?

A12: The refund amount is determined based on the extent of damage. 💰

Getting Help:

Q13: How can customers get help if they have questions about returns or refunds?

A13: Reach out to our dedicated customer support team. 🤝

Q14: Is there someone specific they should talk to?

A14: Yes, we have a designated contact person.

Policy Changes:

Q15: How often do you look at and change the return policy?

A15: Policy changes are very rare.

Q16: How do you tell customers when the policy is different?

A16: Any updates will be highlighted on our website. 🌐✨

Following the Rules:

Does the return and refund policy follow all the laws? Yes.

Are there any special rules for your industry or products? No.

Note: This Return and Refund Policy is subject to change. Any updates will be communicated on our website.

Thank you for choosing Archita Essentials! 🌸✨

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